ItalyFoodNest is a cultural association promoting “made in Italy’ food experience in its many forms and expressions, history and culture.

We believe that Italian food is also:

  • Culture
  • Sociability and generosity
  • Aesthetic and atmosphere in hospitality
  • The quality of authentic, home-made cooking
  • Authentic, flavoursome ingredients
  • Not just the palate, but mind as well

Guests must be able to appreciate and experience these values firsthand, making their experience complete, profound and relevant.

ItalyFoodNest organizes events and long or short discovery journeys where Italian food is but one of the main features, together with its places, its culture and its history.

ItalyFoodNest creates gatherings where people can live and share authentic and engaging experiences.

lunches and dinners

Together with our cuisine experts we organize lunches and dinners in handpicked private homes which represent the best examples of the authentic Italian lifestyle.

cooking lessons

We organize cooking classes and courses, table dressing and dish presentation lessons.

gastronomic tours

Culinary journeys searching for authentic traditional food markets and quality food shops, led by a personal food shopper, vegetable gardens tours.


ItalyFoodNest organizes:

  • Events aimed to promote typical quality Italian products
  • Cooking events in selected locations or on the client’s premises
  • Cooking shows, open days, guided degustations
  • Catering
  • Team building events